Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Swiss Alps Photography

Sometimes sunsets can be colourless, but technically they are still sunsets. I made a visit to the Swiss Alps and I climbed and I climbed and climbed.. on asphalt nonetheless (the real climbing came later). In any case, I couldn't get to the top of my destined alp in time for sunset, and out of pure desperation I climbed the spiky fence (no groin injuries!) to photograph the field. They probably keep cows there, but it was empty at this late hour. Entirely unplanned and impulsive shot, but it turned out to be probably the best from the whole trip. Funny how that happens, eh? Sunset was weak, but it cast enough colour to create a nice warm and nifty atmosphere.

Big juicy print of this can be found here

Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, EF 16-35 lens, Singh-Ray ND filters, tripod.

And I have to share a moment of distress! One learns from own mistakes, and thus me and my friend learned to go home in time. It got dark in a matter of half an hour or so, and the walk home was 2 hours long. Bring flashlight! Mobile phone lights don't do any justice. Also, don't walk through what you think may be shortcuts. You will be interrupted by a bad-ass huge nasty dog, guarding the property....

Apparently, the only good way of photographing Alps during sunsets, is to bring a tent.

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