Sunday, 12 September 2010

The hunt of autumn colours begins shortly..

It's bad when it rains all autumn, because the colours don't come. Imagine that.. Did you know that that is where black and white photography really comes from..?

Luckily, this Norwegian autumn seems to be very sunny! Tendencies of yellow and orange slowly pop up everywhere, and in a week or two this should be a very colourful affair. A photographer must not be ill when that happens.. *covers coughing with hand*

Here are two Norwegian autumn photos from last year. One landscape from the deeper woods around Trondheim, one beautiful sunny day, and the other more park-related slow shutter speed concept around a local waterfall that runs through the city. Prints of these can be found right here.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Some concert photography

Sunsets were not found, but beer was. A little bit far from landscape photography, but live act photography with a wide angle lens is always fun, and adds a different kind of feel in contrast to a zoom lens.

Band: A.D.A.C. 8286 at Familientreffen 6 festival

Unintentional but surprisingly fun sun ray effect! Band: Combat Company, same festival.

Wide angle lens can also allow for interesting close ups, but then you almost end up intruding on the artist's private space, but they will just have to handle it, won't they? And, occasional blurriness in photographs comes from the tendency of the hand to become shaky after a certain amount of beer.

Band: Siesta Submarina

More sunsets and post apocalyptic photography coming soon! 

Saturday, 26 June 2010

Early summer photography (please make Sun come back)

This June is grey and cold, and there are no Sunsets to be seen. Thus no sunset hunt. Until the rain passes, you have to look at old photos from last year, and I will toss in a Lion as a bonus! When the skies clear, there will be a wandering off to the woods, to a spot with a thousand miles view into the horizon. With an old army base nearby, but it's not as fun as it sounds (I mean the base looks like a kindergarten). 

More Lion destroying the garden photos coming soon! 

And a little colour show off, to promote Norwegian forest and watery swamps that it practices so frequently. Photography result: muddy boots, but funny abstract reflection that looks like mountains. Maybe it's a vulcano!

Big juicy print of this is right here

This was one of the first wilderness shots with the new Canon 5D mark II, which with its insane resolutions allowed to crop this from a much bigger photo. 

In the mean while more prints are being prepared, post-apocalypse collaboration project planned, and promotional youtube shenanigans started.

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Swiss Alps Photography

Sometimes sunsets can be colourless, but technically they are still sunsets. I made a visit to the Swiss Alps and I climbed and I climbed and climbed.. on asphalt nonetheless (the real climbing came later). In any case, I couldn't get to the top of my destined alp in time for sunset, and out of pure desperation I climbed the spiky fence (no groin injuries!) to photograph the field. They probably keep cows there, but it was empty at this late hour. Entirely unplanned and impulsive shot, but it turned out to be probably the best from the whole trip. Funny how that happens, eh? Sunset was weak, but it cast enough colour to create a nice warm and nifty atmosphere.

Big juicy print of this can be found here

Equipment: Canon 5D Mark II, EF 16-35 lens, Singh-Ray ND filters, tripod.

And I have to share a moment of distress! One learns from own mistakes, and thus me and my friend learned to go home in time. It got dark in a matter of half an hour or so, and the walk home was 2 hours long. Bring flashlight! Mobile phone lights don't do any justice. Also, don't walk through what you think may be shortcuts. You will be interrupted by a bad-ass huge nasty dog, guarding the property....

Apparently, the only good way of photographing Alps during sunsets, is to bring a tent.

Saturday, 27 June 2009


Hello, I am a sunset hunter. I chase sunsets, and if I were to believe in a god, Sun would be it. I walk around close and far places, looking for the perfect sunset. I still haven't found it, and I have no clue how it looks like, but I believe that when I see it, I will know that it is it!

I begin my search, or hunt - I yet don't know what I will do with it when I find it. Maybe it's edible or sniffable. Before I start sounding like a druggie, here goes my first capture. It's from Trondheim, and technically, it's a sunrise. But it was around 4 PM, and I firmly believe that it is not a new day until you wake up (and those who claim otherwise are my sworn enemies). So it was a sunset, and I captured it with my Canon 5D mark II and EF 16-35 USM II lens (or
whatever), which are my tools of hunt. AND my tripod, which with a little imagination I could turn into a shotgun, minigun, or sniper rifle.

Not the sunset I am looking for, but I have to put my captured one's somewhere, don't I? That branch that you see in the low right corner, is something that I left on purpose, but I can't tell you the secret why. But it's closer than you think.