Saturday, 27 June 2009


Hello, I am a sunset hunter. I chase sunsets, and if I were to believe in a god, Sun would be it. I walk around close and far places, looking for the perfect sunset. I still haven't found it, and I have no clue how it looks like, but I believe that when I see it, I will know that it is it!

I begin my search, or hunt - I yet don't know what I will do with it when I find it. Maybe it's edible or sniffable. Before I start sounding like a druggie, here goes my first capture. It's from Trondheim, and technically, it's a sunrise. But it was around 4 PM, and I firmly believe that it is not a new day until you wake up (and those who claim otherwise are my sworn enemies). So it was a sunset, and I captured it with my Canon 5D mark II and EF 16-35 USM II lens (or
whatever), which are my tools of hunt. AND my tripod, which with a little imagination I could turn into a shotgun, minigun, or sniper rifle.

Not the sunset I am looking for, but I have to put my captured one's somewhere, don't I? That branch that you see in the low right corner, is something that I left on purpose, but I can't tell you the secret why. But it's closer than you think.